How to Setup Cordova AngularJs App

July 21, 2014 • ☕️ 4 min read

In this tutoral, I am going to show how to setup and build simple AngularJs and Cordova App. We will cover both Android app developement and iOS app development.

Step One - Install required modules on your system


Install NodeJs from on your local system.

Install Yeoman

Install Yeoman scaffolding system.

npm install -g yo

Install Grunt

Install Grunt, a javascript task runner. We are going to use Grunt to do some auto tasks.

npm install -g grunt-cli

Install Bower

A package manager for the web, we use this to keep app dependencies up to date.

npm install -g bower

Install Yeoman’s AngularJS Generator

Yeoman generator for AngularJs, lets you quickly set up project with sensible defaults and best practices.

npm install -g generator-angular

To use AngularJs Generator please visit official page

Install Cordova

npm install -g cordova

Please follow official Cordova guide for more information on usage:

Step Two - Setup AngularJs App

We can setup AngularJs app from scratch, but instead of spending time on it, we will use a scaffolding system called Yeoman. So, why wait, let’s setup AngularJs App. Type the following commands into your terminal:

mkdir angular-cordova
cd angular-cordova
yo angular

This will setup your AngularJs application.

To run and test the app in browser: grunt serve

If successful, AngularJs app will be loaded in your browser. All good? Let’s move on to next step.

Step Three - Setup Cordova

Create the Cordova App

cordova create cordova com.example.angular-cordova AngularCordova

Once done, it will create a directory named cordova. Then move all files from cordova directory to root of your app. You can now delete empty cordova directory.

Setting up AngularJs with Phonegap

  1. In Gruntfile.js, change dist: 'dist' to dist: 'www' on line 25.

  2. Open app/index.html file and add following just after google analytics sample code:

<script type="text/javascript" src="cordova.js"></script>

  1. Now to initialise app on cordova ready, we will create a new Angular Factory Serice. Execute the following code in terminal to create a service:

yo angular:factory cordova

Once done, now you can find newly created file in app/scripts/services/cordova.js

Update the cordova factory code with the following:

var d = $q.defer(),
resolved = false;

var self = this;
this.ready = d.promise;

        document.addEventListener('deviceready', function () {
	resolved = true;

// Check to make sure we didn't miss the
// event (just in case)
setTimeout(function () {
	if (!resolved) {
		if ($window.cordova) d.resolve($window.cordova);
}, 3000);

// Public API here
return this;

Now, you can execute cordova related plugins after cordova is ready in your AngluarJs app like this:

module.controller('MainCtrl', function($scope, cordova) {
  cordova.ready.then(function () {
      alert('Cordova is ready');

Once all done, build Angularjs app for Phonegap

To build AngularJs app, run:

grunt build

Step Four - Build app for platforms

Build app for Android

You can run following commands if you android SDK already installed.

To add android platform:

cordova platform add android

Build the App

cordova build android

Test the App on an Emulator or Device

cordova emulate android

//or to run on device

cordova run android

Once build completed, you can find generated APK file in directory:


Build app for iOS

Make sure you have Xcode install on your mac before proceeding.

To add iOS platform:

cordova platform add ios

Build the App

cordova build ios

Test the App on an iOS Emulator

cordova emulate android

That is all, hopefully this will help you in first step setup of your first AngularJs Cordova app.

To download source of this app, visit git repo. Feel free to fork it and try it!

Any questions or queries regarding this, feel free to post comment below.